Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How Much Computerised We Are?

There were couples of incidents provoked me to ignite thoughts on computerized systems and their involvement in our professional life. In past several years, many organizations racing hard to transform their business into automated system(s) but the question is "How much we succeeded?"

Recently I visited a popular bank, requesting to issue my account duplicate statement hard copy with authorized signatory. The lady told me that it will take 2 hours to get it!! I was surprisingly looking at her and politely tried to mention that it’s a computerized process should not take more than 5 minutes. She sharply looked at me and said “Though it’s a computerized process, it will take time; it’s not that easy as you are assuming”

I emailed a letter to the popular newspaper editor pointing out the mistake done in the news coverage. I got no response from him. If his answer would be “I get too many such mails daily and can not respond to everyone…” my immediate response will be “Resign and step down from the position. You are just not doing your job.” We have email filters to sort those out and automated responders to make your job easy. No reasons please.

It will be too much if I expect all offices to become computerized and start executing their work in few minutes with high precision response and time, because I see most of the software companies (MNCs are not exceptions) itself lagging from this transformation.

I feel most of the time it’s not about the technology or the kind of solution/comfort what it offers, it’s more with people’s mentality whether they want to adopt it or not. There are very less chances of technology aggressively dominating offices (popularly known as “Paperless Office”) at least for next 10 to 20 years!

Well, now thinking about Online Office might be too early to deal with.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google More Specific...

...Noticed it when I was looking at advanced search options in A separate URL to search on only Microsoft technologies

As everyone knows these two companies are competing profoundly for their world wide software domination; but when it comes to providing service to the mass, we see their world class professionalism.

Google has also provided such facility for: Apple Mac, Unix, Linux, U.S Government and universities.

I liked it and found useful too.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Windows XP - A Custom Setup Build

I am a freaking web surfer and I strongly recommend myself to have windows updates applied to my operating system. One of the ways to keep my computer/laptop healthy and protected. I use to depend on Autopatcher - an offline windows updates/patches collection/applying tool to keep my operating system up to date. Few months back Autopatcher discontinued its service because Microsoft was unhappy with it. From that day onwards my search was ON to get new alternative for it. All I wanted is to have an offline copy of windows updates so that I can install those whenever I make a fresh installation of windows operating system on my boxes. My search got over with “Windows Update Downloader”, a free utility which has a good list of windows updates, clever enough to connect Microsoft Windows update website and download patches/updates to local machine.(Recently I came to know that Microsoft has launched a web site for bulk patch/update downloads, named "Microsoft Update Catelog"). I was happy when I was browsing downloaded patch files (around 100+) in the download directory hive. The next challenge was how to apply these patches. Who will like installing 100+ patches double clicking one by one? (if you think you are such a person then I recommend reading this blog post completely :). I started looking out for an automated utility or an approach which can be done with a minimal code or a setup. But luckily I found nLite - a free utility which knows how to merge all these updates/patches with Windows XP setup files and slipstreaming service packs (SP2). It also facilitates integrating unattended installation setup, system drivers, windows tweaking, optional component removal, adding extra files in to setup disk and finally creating ISO image or burning directly to discs. After working with this tool I was able to create a Windwos XP setup CD which is an integrated version of XP SP2, patches/updates and my machine drivers! Now onwards, all I have to do is initiate the installation process and just sit back and relax. When windows setup finishes its installation and the machine restarts, it is just ready for next level operations with no much time spending on basic driver installations. Nice tools and good experience :)
Yeah, though I restore my machine(s) using drive imaging tool but sometimes I require fresh CD/DVD based installation for several technical reasons and that is where my above effort will help me to get updated windows operating system in one shot installation process.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Festival of Lights

Diwaali - one of the richest celebrations in India. A festival of lights, wealth, victory and wisdom. This very day, Hindu mythology has many remarkable events. Goddess Lakshmi’s Birthday. Vishnu rescued Goddess Lakshmi from the prison of king Bali. On this day Rama, Seeta and Lakshman returned to Ayodhya after defeating Raavana and conquering Lankaa. The return of the Pandavaas from their 12 years of “Agnaat Vaas”. On the day preceding Diwali, Krishna killed the demon king Narakaasura and rescued 16,000 women from his detention.

On this glorious day, we crack fireworks and symbolically we worship human positive instincts. We pray for the best and light up new dimension towards our life. No matter how far we succeed; as long as we have vigor and undying dreams, covering the way of light will never be a challenge in itself.

Wishing you happy festival of enlightenments.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dot Net Reflector

If you navigate to you will find quite good development resources for free and few with source code. Out of all, for me, the Dotnet Reflector tool was pretty impressive (Great work by Lutz Roeder). This will help dot net programmers to analyze and decompile dot net assemblies in to different programming languages (C#, VB, IL, Delhpi, MC++ and chrome!)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Web and Revolution

This is a dawn of Web OS. Next generation internet world will neither be a navigation of dynamic pages, information exchange, business/social networking nor creating your presence in virtual world. It’s more on starting-closing computing and accelerating work only through internet and nothing else. It’s an attempt to think and act beyond normal desktop computing and days of spending gigantic time to install/maintain operating system and required software updates/utilities on your box may become extinct.

There are many small-big initiatives on Web OS. Most of them are free to use. Few of them are still with “Beta” tag and few claim they are complete.

In parallel to this, web office suites are also playing major role in trying to replace desktop office software. Many of the web office suites come in front with free service offer.

Combination of Web OS and Web Office is certainly giving a strong sense of eliminating workplaces with stand alone environment in future. The dream of accessing anything from anywhere has started taking reality path.
Here are few thoughts on what could be the future of today’s free online services:

- Looking at the usage and business criticality free services may turn applying cost. This will sure force people to pay and use their computer. If this happens, chances of inclining towards stand alone software are more again.

- Many countries still have to implement “internet everywhere for reasonable cost".

- Most of the software companies restrict external email access. The common reason behind this will be (as company states) SOX policy (securing confidential data, but the real intention behind this to stop their employees to spend time in checking their personal emails). If everything goes online what about the ‘so called’ data security and policy?

- The service provider’s servers severely attacked by virus and losing all data (one point of failure) scenario can not be neglected.

- Will the Web OS offer same or more speed than offline OS?

- Complete documents migration from one service provider to another if user wishes to switch to some other service in between.

The result can only be seen clearly when companies start adapting online offices. Any aspect in this world will always have its own merits and demerits. Products will sure stand for long time if they are offering more mertis.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

64 Bit Environment

From past several months I am using Windows XP 64 Bit version operating system on my laptop having AMD Turion 64 X2 TL50 (in Intel words- “1.6 GHz 64 bit dual core mobile processor”) master mind underneath. Luckily I got 64 bit driver support for all my hardware (I think, 64 bit days has silently begun) components. The operating system is stable enough and quite fast too (when compared to Windows XP Professional 32 bit Edition). It is true that there are very few 64 bit version software available for use, but as a dot net programmer what ever I need, I have those 64 bit enabled. The operating system even allows running 32 bit applications under protected memory environment but few are pretty much incompatible with this pact like Norton Antivirus, Comodo Personal Firewall…etc. specially, system software/utilities which are very much dependent on operating system API calls and if these software/utilities are of 32 bit, then there is a clear disagreement with 64 bit operating system. We just need proper ‘bit’ version software to smoothly run with 64 bit windows environment. One thing I clearly noticed that, application (whether they are of 64 bit or 32 bit) under XP Pro 64 bit, were working quite faster than usual 32 bit version.
Though we have less application support (choices), whatever is compatible and of 64 bit version are performing very well. At least a dot net developer can happily code and debug his application along with enjoying faster compilation and launching huge visual studio help file in parallel.
I should thank my geeky best friend Nandakumar S, who downloaded Windows XP Professional 64 Bit version software only for me.

Monday, October 15, 2007

SrushtiSoft - An Official Blog Hosted

Recently a marketing person voluntarily approached me and showed interest to promote Srushti’s products to his existing customers. I happily showcased all products and showed SrushitSoft website. After some time he sat to browse SrushtiSoft, he sharply looked at ‘Blog’ link and clicked it. It promptly brought him to this blog page. He scrolled the web page up and down and asked me
‘I am sorry; I am not able to make out any connection between these posts and SrushtiSoft products…’
I had no good answer for his question. I had to struggle little to convey him that this blog touches other areas along with SrushtiSoft technology and that was the instance I realized the need of separate blog for SrushtiSoft.

After few hours of stretched work on blogspot web site, I am pleased to announce new SrushtiSoft blog, where you will find only Srushti’s technology, products, plans and progress posts. I request you to subscribe to this blog too and feel free to comment on it.

As you see, the current blog is renamed from “Srushti” to “Pavan Gayakwad”, since this will be more on my thoughts, technology and dreams (in short non-senses)

SrushtiSoft blog:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

In This World - 6

When your initiative or work or act is questioned and opposed by many, then you should understand that you have done something unusual and out of the box which is in point of fact drawing people’s attention.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Online storage is not a new idea, what’s new is Microsoft’s SkyDrive online product ( initiated under the Windows Live umbrella. Being an admirer of Microsoft products I register here too. We can use our existing hotmail/live ID for login and start using 500 MB free space which comes by default. If you are looking for getting more space, currently I didn’t see any such upgrade option but you might expect ‘purchase’ link in coming days. We can share folders and files with everyone on internet or only with our friends or secure it for private use.
You can browse my public folders here
Yes! The URL is hard (in fact impossible) to remember. It would have been more impressive if we could replace the puzzled alphanumeric characters with our hotmail/live ID like this isn’t it? I don’t think that Microsoft hasn’t thought about it, I am just wondering what stopped them doing this. Anyways, internet users have more than one option, so it’s easy for them (us) to look for an alternate free service provider who can satisfy their (our) expected features list. Very few stick to their favorite company products though they suffer from lack of facilities. Now a day internet world is working on “More you offer for free, More popular you will be” trend and this certainly made internet usage more popular than ever.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Welcome, Dear Visitor

Now, if you visit, you will see a new “green button” on the products main page with the caption “Visiting for the first time?” which gets you to the newly built web page.
After posting few (in fact 2) articles on CodeProject, my web site hit rate has increased a lot. That pushed me to create a new page which briefly and effectively talks on our goals. I just thought of having a corroborative conversation and make an attempt to induce “Srushti” worm in him/her thoughts, hoping that one day they may ping us and expect some sort of soft solution(s). Its not a strategy to attract my site visitors, In fact I am trying to provoke their thoughts and match that with our passion.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

String.Empty Internals

Please find my second tech article on Code Project - String.Empty Internals, it's about one of the most debatable subject of using String.Empty over "" (empty string) in dot net world. I tried documenting my investigation on internal working of String.Empty under the hood of CLR.

When I checked number of views just after 2 minutes of gap, it was 140! I was amazed looking at the number of users hitting CodeProject portal. That was cool!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

In This World - 5

“In this modern world, your soul will be a long lasting best friend

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Best Can Still Be Improved

In my project, I am also one of the guys working on re-architecting one component. In fact we saw this component performaning very well when we put it in use, but still we wanted this to be more powerful, faster and robust. You can say, we are religiously following the saying “Best can still be improved”. Our component is now able to process 34 records in 1 second, but our expectation is to boost this up to 60-70 records per second. We have few challenges to operate on now, optimal performance, scalability, loosely coupled for easy integration with other components/applications.It is like, tie your hands behind your back and fight! If I am thinking of loose coupling, I have to compromise with performance, if I ignore scalability, I will have simple design which will have less layers (tightly coupled) and execute faster. I term this as a circular problem, if you do one thing other will get screwed and if I take care of other, main thing may not work as expected. But, what’s the fun if problem is not rigid? Right now, performance is the highest priority for us. We are identifying the areas where we can improve performance and later we can think of scalability. As of now, we are tweaking the code written and optimizing for less memory and CPU cycle consumption, efficient multithreading where ever it fits properly, because creating too many threads may give negative results (too much is too bad), creating isolated application domains for better stability, creating shared components and making sure it is of single instance irrespective of how many clients refer it, avoid too many method calls, use try-catch blocks intelligently, have single database connection and reuse it efficiently, make minimum database calls…what else..? We are thinking and exploring…

Sunday, August 26, 2007

In This World - 4

Respecting your business boundaries, offer honest service to your clients. They always try getting more service than they pay. Thats why, show no mercy when you 'charge' them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Microsoft Idea

Microsoft is releasing bunch of new and refined products almost every three months. When I analyzed Microsoft’s way of taking technological progress parallel to commercial trends and future (5 to 10 years down the line) requirements, it clearly shows Microsoft’s idea of “Windows Live Connected World”. The story starts from deep integration of Internet Explorer and Media Player with windows to recent Windows Home Server and SkyDrive online service releases. Hotmail is getting complete new shape as “Windows Live Hotmail” and many impressive, free (to some extent :) web 2.0 services under “Windows Live” branding like Office live, free web hosting, online system scanning (one live care), live search, live space, MS Write, 3D maps (virtual earth), popfly …list is growing. Whatever is possible in virtual world to create our presence or avail service from it is constantly identified by Microsoft and suitable projects are kicked off. Microsoft making revolutionary movements in its dot net framework proposing as its primary, shrill performing, long lasting technology with amazing fore thoughts (Silverlight, Surface, Dot net 3.5, Dynamics, Microsoft Robotics, CardSpace, Workflow and there may be many more).
The new Windows Home Server operating system allows connecting your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile (with Windows CE of course :), XBOX, Zune, your private website, your private documents secured in skydrive. Moving further it may be your TV (or Windows Media Center), Washing Machine…etc. You can access information or device anywhere and everywhere. We all seeing only bits and pieces today, one fine day everything gets integrated and become big private automated networked system. The day is no farther when whole world sits in your palm and you just can access and perform whatever you want much before changing your thoughts! At last the end user gets benefited.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In This World - 3

“Everybody has secrets (no matter how big or small it is) in life which should obscured deep inside their heart. If it get unleashed, they would confront major disparity in their life.”

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Evening with Linux

Two days back I wanted to install Linux and write a C or C++ program which could call some Linux APIs. I acted fast, I installed Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007 on Windows XP box and did a RedHat Linux 9.0 setup in that. The setup process guided me with very good GUI screens. After spending one and half hours of long setup course, virtual machine got restarted. It welcomed me with a black background and blur (almost impossible to read) fonts!!?? I was damn surprised and upset. I wasn’t able to understand the difficulty of an operating system to identify my VGA card because setup was able to recognize it and showed me nice setup screens. After several attempts I was able to boot machine in console mode but wasn’t lucky enough to configure my VGA card in Linux root. I don’t know how I proceed next. I know its an improper hands-on activity. I should refer some documents and online materials to understand core Linux/Unix properly and then start on it. I feel, for an ordinary dot net programmer like me, it’s pretty hard to switch from “Windows” mindset, where a wizard and few button clicks takes you in the smooth installation path and most of the time with the happy ending. Linux way might be little different and once I comprehend it, I might also start feeling the same easiness what I am experiencing now with Windows. Everything takes its own time.

By the way, I am searching for Mac OS CD/DVD also ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ruby – A Cool Cartoon Ride

Though I am not looking for language switch nor trying to get into Ruby (programming language) stuff. But I enjoyed the way this ( tutorial presents its content.
Don’t miss to say ‘Odelay’ for 5 times after you finish your reading :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Vista Performance Tune Up Package

If you remember my blog on vista (My hmm…with Windows Vista), you could recollect my comment on copy-paste window which calculates time required to paste copied contents which consequently introduce some more delay in copy-paste process. Microsoft also felt this along with many other such problems and released an update patch for it. I am glad that at least I could able to think (1%) like other good geeks :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Leaving Early Crime

I felt every one of us (Software Professionals) should read, think and act on this

Let’s break-up the culture which has grown very largely and badly. Anyways I started this in my office, what about you guys? Any thoughts?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

In This World - 2

“Sometimes with complete knowledge, we commit mistake because we didn’t had choice at that time. Rest of our life, whenever we remember that, we feel same intense pain and unsatisfaction as we felt it for the first time.”

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Milestone Numbered 3

Till now in my professional life, there were ups, downs and 2 software companies. Itreya Technologies Pvt. Ltd (now it is known as Starmark Services) is the one pulled me from the college and invited me to the software industry world. I was young, enthusiastic with lot of dreams. I was unaware of many. The city (Bangalore) was new, people were new, me myself was new to this industry. I started spending days, met so many people, had unforgettable experiences, had celebrations, parties, learning, victory, depression, pressure, words, money, thoughts, decisions, sentiments…

One fine noon, sitting in my cubicle (Target Corporation) I was trying to book a meeting room and I observed it is August 2, 2007 and suddenly realized I finished 3 years in this (software) world! (How this world is still baring junk like me!!?? ) we always measure our past with unit of gains and losses and always these will have their own share in that. Nothing will change drastically, but checking on how far we reached help us to be planned and prepared for the rest of the journey. Now I am standing near the milestone numbered 3.

The ‘Free’ Linux

We all know Linux is free. I experienced ubuntu ( is following it more religiously which really made me to appreciate, put a note in my blog and point at them straight. You can give your valid mailing address and specify the flavor of Linux you want to try; the CD or DVD ROMs will fly all the way to your door step with zero charge!!! One month back I opted for 3 different flavors of ubuntu Linux and requested in the site Ubuntu sent those to me without charging a single penny. Rather spending millions-billions on ad campaigns, this is a nice-smart thought which really creates product awareness and reaches people more effectively. The initiative automatically encourages hoi-polloi to spread this news like a black wine.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What’s wrong?

I was deeply engrossed in writing my next tech-blog. One familiar tone bewitched my attention. It was my mobile.

“Yep…”- me.

“Tell me bad things about Bangalore...” – voice of a man who never ask and think positive aspects.

Bangalore – Asia’s one of the fastest growing city. A Land of opportunities. India’s Silicon-Valley. Garden City. People with different culture, from different countries/regions. Indian’s Don for software industry...and this guy is looking for negative aspects?

I asked - “May I have a pleasure of knowing why this question is for?”

“Well, curious to check the positive aspects” – mind blowing reply.

“and what you are going to do with this public knowledge of positive aspects?” – I am worried now.

“hmm…soon after asking about ‘bad things’, you started collecting positive points, am I right?” – damn confident voice.

“That’s affirmative. How you are so sure?” – me anxious.

“Nothing special, it’s inherited. That’s why East India Company still exists. Its not vanished after 1947.”

Oh my god, how he can be my friend!!?? “What? Wait…What’s the connection?”

“You always try to express good or bests with you and expect chap in-front of you should get impressed and nod for whatever you say.”

“Not every time, but what’s wrong with it? This city is giving me bred and butter.”

“Indeed! but you need to evaluate the person whether he need your positive explanation or not and only then start selling your bests. Our emperors never did this evaluation. They allowed ‘them’ to start their business in our land. One small mistake built East India Company. After 200 years of struggle we thought it’s vanished.”

“Is that so, then where is it now?”

“Check your company ID card dude. Think, whom you are working for?”


I would have put thousand points to conclude this is an exaggerated and not well connected thought. But its food for thought. There is nothing wrong in this world. There are differences in opinions.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Hmm… with Windows Vista

After successful installation, vista invited me with a fresh new UI. The start menu with inbuilt search, windows sidebar, re-designed windows explorer, high-resolution icons, Aero 3D screen flips, 3D games, Neat new interface for all sort of network related setups, parental control, Bit locker to protect our data, secure, stable, new sleep mode for better power management, index based search…cool bunch of features. I was happy, but my hmm… Started when few things are missing from their native place and few new things are not good at improving user experience.
- Disk defragmenter is less informative this time. No more color bars to check defragmentation status.
- I connected to internet and wanted to check the network speed. It was not easy, I have to first go to “Network and Sharing” screen and then interrogate for required information. Earlier this information used to come in a pop-up when you hover mouse pointer on network icon sitting in system tray.
- Windows media player 11 always starts with “Library” screen and every time I change it to “Now Playing” (so that, I can quickly drag and drop selected audio files and do a relevant equalizer adjustments). I don’t see any option to change the start up screen to “Now Playing”.
- Most user friendly and customizable tool bar is missing from windows explorer!
- In folder options, when you check “show hidden files”, it is so prompt that, it makes hidden desktop.ini files visible on your desktop!
- In windows explorer, the new status bar is not at all helpful when compared to the old one. Still I can enable old status bar from View menu but I didn’t see any option to disable the new one.
- I felt copy progress window unnecessarily eating up little time to calculate time to paste. Well, it really makes sense to inform user about expected time required before starting the actual process. In parallel, any advance user will also look for an option to disable it.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

In This World - 1

“If someone is always busy in pointing out mistakes, there is only one way to stop him. Make him a part of mistake.”

(“In this world” - a lesson which I honestly learnt on posted date/day. words or meaning of statement may match with some one’s view in this world, that’s why these statements are not copy protected and kindly note I am not a philosopher. These are just my true experience note.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007


As soon as I started feeling comfortable with dot net technology my next move was to coming up with range of small utilities that should help and accelerate our daily activities. I just started working towards coming up with generic framework which should be an abstraction to the technical challenges like connecting to multiple database, logging and caching. I built one code generator tool too, which will generate all basic workable classes adhering to the standards laid out in my framework. Soon after finishing the ground work, I put these into production and Flexo came out of it.

Though I was aware of Microsoft Enterprise Library (EL), I dared to workout on my own framework. Reasons were, I wanted to put theory learnt into code and evaluate myself that how good I am in creating generic, scalable and reliable components. After finishing part of Framework, I downloaded Enterprise Library and did a comparision. There were many differences (naturally) and mine required little more maturity (as expected :).

During the construction cycle of framework, I realized many concepts, discovered many possibilities and it helped me to visualize objects and there collaboration rather simply the dot net code. I was able to clearly see design patterns coming to life and sitting in real time scenarios. I admit, I am in very initial stage and have long way to go.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SrushtiSoft - Web Site Updated

SrushtiSoft has got new look-feel and product information sections. Visit us and send your comments.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


An online web page creation, mashup, silverlight support and tight integration with Visual Studio.Net IDE - Microsoft's new online free tool "Popfly".

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Skin Design

Flexo is a personal accounting package. Since it is in very initial stage, it tracks only your expenses and generates variety of reports on it. (Recently I included income tracking module which is in alpha stage) In coming years Flexo will extend and mechanize most of money management activities under few button clicks. In parallel to cool features, creating a good and ease of user interface is also a head scratching work. It’s an art too. I don’t want to set more expectation saying that Flexo has very good interface but I feel it has got what it was expected to have.

When you download and check all screens in Flexo, one thing you will sure notice, Consistency. Just open any UI guidelines book, this will be a first statement and there is no way to skip this rule in my software too.

If we think traditionally, the design approach for consistent UI for all forms could be like these,

Create header-footer ActiveX/Custom/User control and place it on all forms or create a static class which has a drawing method to decorate runtime loading forms and thinking further to this, maintain one XML configuration file which will hold all coloring, fonts and size details from which our drawing method gets inspired and brushes it on all forms.

In dot net, we have one cool feature - Visual Inheritance, which allows us to create a master form and inherit this to all child forms. Whatever UI changes you make on a master form will affect all its children. Re-using the idea of above mentioned XML configuration file, use dot net App.config and define all fancy information in it. Associate values from app.config file to master form’s properties popularly known as setting dynamic properties and we are done! Whenever I want to change any color of my Flexo forms I will just update flexo.exe.config file and I don’t have to compile my application to reflect new changes.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It all starts from here

I own a website, which is an ad-board for my offline works. Right now the site talks over my 3 products (Quick Quest, Flexo and CD Indexer). It tries to give you an impression of big team behind it and commercial availability which may not be completely real but can not be neglected.

SrushtiSoft showcases all my works, gives a shape of ‘product’ by identifying its respective domain. These may not be full fledged solutions but surely addresses basic needs.

It all starts from here. The basic intention of restarting my blog is to share, collate wonderful experiences, worth full-worthless thoughts and many useful-useless actions during my offline work. Most of the time you will find tech talks here and no wonder if you start looking at me as a tech-alien.