Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am back

Its been a long time since I had a cool and calm ride on my many favorite web sites. I took almost 2 years to come to this relaxed state. Pretty much messed up with my work and other personal stuffs. Now, I have my laptop which I purchased very recently (Friday May, 18 2007). Typing all these sitting slacked on my bed. hmm... :) this is what I always dreamed about.

When I look back, I have bunch of good and bad experiences. If I only consider good ones, I should stop, take a deep breath and feel myself happy looking at whatever I am with. I think everybody will and should do/feel this. As a typical civilian of this world, soon I will be start worrying more about my next plans, actions and their out comes.

Life always throws challenges
. We should choose and accept it and it will sure be a roller-coaster journey with lot of learnings and explorations.

I am not a good writer, but will sure try towards making it better. I will be updating this once in a week or so. I always liked short-n-sweet blogs and I will certainly try to follow the same here. Thanks.


Vinay Krishna said...

way to go

Vidya said...

Glad that u r back.

Keep up the good work!