Friday, July 27, 2007

What’s wrong?

I was deeply engrossed in writing my next tech-blog. One familiar tone bewitched my attention. It was my mobile.

“Yep…”- me.

“Tell me bad things about Bangalore...” – voice of a man who never ask and think positive aspects.

Bangalore – Asia’s one of the fastest growing city. A Land of opportunities. India’s Silicon-Valley. Garden City. People with different culture, from different countries/regions. Indian’s Don for software industry...and this guy is looking for negative aspects?

I asked - “May I have a pleasure of knowing why this question is for?”

“Well, curious to check the positive aspects” – mind blowing reply.

“and what you are going to do with this public knowledge of positive aspects?” – I am worried now.

“hmm…soon after asking about ‘bad things’, you started collecting positive points, am I right?” – damn confident voice.

“That’s affirmative. How you are so sure?” – me anxious.

“Nothing special, it’s inherited. That’s why East India Company still exists. Its not vanished after 1947.”

Oh my god, how he can be my friend!!?? “What? Wait…What’s the connection?”

“You always try to express good or bests with you and expect chap in-front of you should get impressed and nod for whatever you say.”

“Not every time, but what’s wrong with it? This city is giving me bred and butter.”

“Indeed! but you need to evaluate the person whether he need your positive explanation or not and only then start selling your bests. Our emperors never did this evaluation. They allowed ‘them’ to start their business in our land. One small mistake built East India Company. After 200 years of struggle we thought it’s vanished.”

“Is that so, then where is it now?”

“Check your company ID card dude. Think, whom you are working for?”


I would have put thousand points to conclude this is an exaggerated and not well connected thought. But its food for thought. There is nothing wrong in this world. There are differences in opinions.