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What’s wrong?

I was deeply engrossed in writing my next tech-blog. One familiar tone bewitched my attention. It was my mobile.

“Yep…”- me.
“Tell me bad things about Bangalore...” – voice of a man who never ask and think positive aspects.
Bangalore – Asia’s one of the fastest growing city. A Land of opportunities. India’s Silicon-Valley. Garden City. People with different culture, from different countries/regions. Indian’s Don for software industry...and this guy is looking for negative aspects?
I asked - “May I have a pleasure of knowing why this question is for?”
“Well, curious to check the positive aspects” – mind blowing reply.
“and what you are going to do with this public knowledge of positive aspects?” – I am worried now.
“hmm…soon after asking about ‘bad things’, you started collecting positive points, am I right?” – damn confident voice.
“That’s affirmative. How you are so sure?” – me anxious.
“Nothing special, it’s inherited. That’s why East India Company still exists. Its not vanished af…