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Microsoft Idea

Microsoft is releasing bunch of new and refined products almost every three months. When I analyzed Microsoft’s way of taking technological progress parallel to commercial trends and future (5 to 10 years down the line) requirements, it clearly shows Microsoft’s idea of “Windows Live Connected World”. The story starts from deep integration of Internet Explorer and Media Player with windows to recent Windows Home Server and SkyDrive online service releases. Hotmail is getting complete new shape as “Windows Live Hotmail” and many impressive, free (to some extent :) web 2.0 services under “Windows Live” branding like Office live, free web hosting, online system scanning (one live care), live search, live space, MS Write, 3D maps (virtual earth), popfly …list is growing. Whatever is possible in virtual world to create our presence or avail service from it is constantly identified by Microsoft and suitable projects are kicked off. Microsoft making revolutionary movements in its dot net fra…

In This World - 3

“Everybody has secrets (no matter how big or small it is) in life which should obscured deep inside their heart. If it get unleashed, they would confront major disparity in their life.”

One Evening with Linux

Two days back I wanted to install Linux and write a C or C++ program which could call some Linux APIs. I acted fast, I installed Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007 on Windows XP box and did a RedHat Linux 9.0 setup in that. The setup process guided me with very good GUI screens. After spending one and half hours of long setup course, virtual machine got restarted. It welcomed me with a black background and blur (almost impossible to read) fonts!!?? I was damn surprised and upset. I wasn’t able to understand the difficulty of an operating system to identify my VGA card because setup was able to recognize it and showed me nice setup screens. After several attempts I was able to boot machine in console mode but wasn’t lucky enough to configure my VGA card in Linux root. I don’t know how I proceed next. I know its an improper hands-on activity. I should refer some documents and online materials to understand core Linux/Unix properly and then start on it. I feel, for an ordinary dot net progra…

Ruby – A Cool Cartoon Ride

Though I am not looking for language switch nor trying to get into Ruby (programming language) stuff. But I enjoyed the way this ( tutorial presents its content.
Don’t miss to say ‘Odelay’ for 5 times after you finish your reading :)

Vista Performance Tune Up Package

If you remember my blog on vista (My hmm…with Windows Vista), you could recollect my comment on copy-paste window which calculates time required to paste copied contents which consequently introduce some more delay in copy-paste process. Microsoft also felt this along with many other such problems and released an update patch for it. I am glad that at least I could able to think (1%) like other good geeks :)

In This World - 2

“Sometimes with complete knowledge, we commit mistake because we didn’t had choice at that time. Rest of our life, whenever we remember that, we feel same intense pain and unsatisfaction as we felt it for the first time.”

Milestone Numbered 3

Till now in my professional life, there were ups, downs and 2 software companies. Itreya Technologies Pvt. Ltd (now it is known as Starmark Services) is the one pulled me from the college and invited me to the software industry world. I was young, enthusiastic with lot of dreams. I was unaware of many. The city (Bangalore) was new, people were new, me myself was new to this industry. I started spending days, met so many people, had unforgettable experiences, had celebrations, parties, learning, victory, depression, pressure, words, money, thoughts, decisions, sentiments… One fine noon, sitting in my cubicle (Target Corporation) I was trying to book a meeting room and I observed it is August 2, 2007 and suddenly realized I finished 3 years in this (software) world! (How this world is still baring junk like me!!?? ) we always measure our past with unit of gains and losses and always these will have their own share in that. Nothing will change drastically, but checking on how far we reac…

The ‘Free’ Linux

We all know Linux is free. I experienced ubuntu ( is following it more religiously which really made me to appreciate, put a note in my blog and point at them straight. You can give your valid mailing address and specify the flavor of Linux you want to try; the CD or DVD ROMs will fly all the way to your door step with zero charge!!! One month back I opted for 3 different flavors of ubuntu Linux and requested in the site Ubuntu sent those to me without charging a single penny. Rather spending millions-billions on ad campaigns, this is a nice-smart thought which really creates product awareness and reaches people more effectively. The initiative automatically encourages hoi-polloi to spread this news like a black wine.