Thursday, August 02, 2007

Milestone Numbered 3

Till now in my professional life, there were ups, downs and 2 software companies. Itreya Technologies Pvt. Ltd (now it is known as Starmark Services) is the one pulled me from the college and invited me to the software industry world. I was young, enthusiastic with lot of dreams. I was unaware of many. The city (Bangalore) was new, people were new, me myself was new to this industry. I started spending days, met so many people, had unforgettable experiences, had celebrations, parties, learning, victory, depression, pressure, words, money, thoughts, decisions, sentiments…

One fine noon, sitting in my cubicle (Target Corporation) I was trying to book a meeting room and I observed it is August 2, 2007 and suddenly realized I finished 3 years in this (software) world! (How this world is still baring junk like me!!?? ) we always measure our past with unit of gains and losses and always these will have their own share in that. Nothing will change drastically, but checking on how far we reached help us to be planned and prepared for the rest of the journey. Now I am standing near the milestone numbered 3.

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Prashanth said...

hey Pavan,
Hearty Congratulations[:)] on successful completion of 3 years.I think it flew very fast.I still remember those days and it is still afresh in memory.
Wish ur dreams come true in coming years and look forward for some specials from ur side very soon.
Enjoy! and all the Best!