Sunday, October 07, 2007


Online storage is not a new idea, what’s new is Microsoft’s SkyDrive online product ( initiated under the Windows Live umbrella. Being an admirer of Microsoft products I register here too. We can use our existing hotmail/live ID for login and start using 500 MB free space which comes by default. If you are looking for getting more space, currently I didn’t see any such upgrade option but you might expect ‘purchase’ link in coming days. We can share folders and files with everyone on internet or only with our friends or secure it for private use.
You can browse my public folders here
Yes! The URL is hard (in fact impossible) to remember. It would have been more impressive if we could replace the puzzled alphanumeric characters with our hotmail/live ID like this isn’t it? I don’t think that Microsoft hasn’t thought about it, I am just wondering what stopped them doing this. Anyways, internet users have more than one option, so it’s easy for them (us) to look for an alternate free service provider who can satisfy their (our) expected features list. Very few stick to their favorite company products though they suffer from lack of facilities. Now a day internet world is working on “More you offer for free, More popular you will be” trend and this certainly made internet usage more popular than ever.

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