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Review: Google Chrome and Others

I was keep checking chrome website to download Google’s new browser. It was night 12:19AM when chrome was available for download. I installed it and used for half an hour. My first impression was - “Neat”. I pretty much liked the way tabs are placed by pushing URL bar inside each tab, wider space for HTML page display making status bars small and toggling, download utility with resume, unified search and URL bar, all menu are grouped under two buttons sitting next to the URL bar, good speed, I didn’t find any web site ‘breaking’…I just felt it was worth waiting till mid night.

Chrome handles tabs different than FireFox. Each tab in chrome is hosted on separate process; this makes browser stand stable even one of its tabs crash. New Internet Explorer 8 is also handling tabs this way under the hood.
My next observation was on memory consumption comparison between Chrome, IE8, FF3.1 for given same set of web sites.

Chrome used Approx. 62 MB, IE8 Approx. 89 MB, FF31 Approx. 56 MB. Differenc…

Why Akbar was Great?

I have fanatical interest to be acquainted with what made Indian emperors take influential decisions during their reign. Few great kings’ valuable decisions created a remarkable history.

When Akbar accepts the marriage proposal of Hindu King (Bharmal of Amer), he wishes to make an attempt to set an example for two culture and religions and convey the message of peace. Later, destiny takes him to the critical path of life having most depraved political and family oriented problems. Being a true great emperor, Akbar learns and conclude challenges by demonstrating his exceptional leadership qualities. With his verdicts, Akbar stands as an incomparable king of all time. “Jodha Akbar” – brings 16th-century incidents to life and shows beginning part of Akbar’s married life which was, in fact, a deal for political gain. This decision slowly unleashes Akbar’s loving life, internal dreadful politics, painfully desirous people around him and betraying family members.

Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar is…

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 and A Thought

After 2 years, Microsoft's great effort of making Internext Explorer better than ever is resulted in second installment of IE8.0 Beta relese. Beta 2 IE8 looks promising with speed, security and usability. You can check IE8 top features here. After instaling IE8 on my laptop, very soon I noticed it breaking on Microsoft web sites!
Windows Update

Hotmail Linked Accounts drop down on mouse hover
Let me stop hoping on other sites like posts editor.All these may be absolutely okay because IE8 is in 'Beta', what's wondering me was these can be very easily caught during unit testing. In general, what I do not like about browsers (IE, FF, Opera, Safari....etc) is all are having differently acting HTML render engine. I certainly do not enjoy writing code to check the browser type and take relevant actions. I sometimes expect browser makers to give a thought on streamlining these differences and reduce web developer's pain. New version of their browser should be a …

10 Ways to Fine Tune Windows XP

Now a day, if your installed programs are running slower, if your Windows XP taking more time to boot, if your windows explorer is making you to wait longer before it shows up, then its time for you to wear a spy hat and do some serious investigation to catch out why Windows is shambling.

1. Check in memory processes. Hold CTRL+SHIFT and press ESC key, The Windows Task Manager will appear. Click on “Processes” tab. Sort entries on “Mem Usage” by pressing it. Find out which one is taking more memory. Usually ignore all ‘svchost.exe’ process because they are good candidates working solely for windows. Other process names should give clear hint about the application they belong to. Sometimes when you don’t get a clue, open Windows File or Folder Search, enter the same process name and find out its location. The folder structure will certainly help you know about its parent application. Depending on the importance of the application you can take appropriate action. You can turn off process …

Software and Industry

When I wanted to re-create “Quick Quest” (QQ), my struggle to move further sometimes made me feel “I am thinking too much!!”. Recently, When I come across few statistics about execution of software projects in the industry from Grady Booch blog (“Software And Movie Making” posted on Thursday, June 12, 2008. you can also find his blog link from My Favorites section on this page.) I just felt my struggle was realistic to my scale and I am not alone. “Quick Quest” is not a big revenue making software for me now however it taught many things to me.

An extract from Grady’s post,
“75% of all software projects at Fortune 500 companies fail, 33% are cancelled, and 66% go over budget by more than 200%“

Well, Me and QQ belongs to 66% share which indicates variance of estimated budget by 200%. Where ‘budget’ for me here is my ‘time’, which is impossible to slow down or earn more :)

How Best Is To Revamp the Good Old Software?

Quick Quest - software created for college universities to generate ‘equally distributed complexity’ question papers. My college university attempted to utilize it and found it useful. This is an old story. The latest happening on this is, I am re-creating it with latest technology (.Net) putting the software architectural knowledge I have gained in several years being in this industry. If you are a person who is having more than 10 years of experience in software design, my step of software re-creation might not sound big for you. It turned out huge for me due to several reasons. When I had a plan to re-start on old successful software, I took opportunity to reach as many technical gurus as I can and asked them a most controversial question - “How good is to re-create good old software? Or should I extend the same old software with new features?”. Many had different thoughts but the common opinion was, extend the existing one instead going for whole new re-creation. When I sat and lo…

SafeFileName Property and .Net 2.0 SP1

I built a small utility using C# Dot Net version 2.0 in which I took help of Open File Dialog box windows control to know user selected file path and name. I used “SafeFileName”(Gets a string that only contains the filename for the selected file.) property of OpenFileDialog box to display selected filename on the windows form. I did a fine testing on my development machine and deployed it on production computer. The production computer was up by freshly installed Windows Vista operating system (without SP1 update). since Vista ships with DotNet runtime, my job was as easy as copying my dot net executable assembly and double clicking it. When the OpenFileDialog box tried supplying user selected file name through “SafeFileName” property, it crashed! Damn...!!

The error message was clearly telling me that “method not found: OpenFileDailog.get_SafeFileName()”!! I was darn surprised. Though I did a quick fix for this problem by making use of FileName property (Gets or sets a string containi…

Linux - My Second Attempt

First time when I tried installing Linux on my box, I was failed to appraise it. I concluded that “I am typical ‘Windows’ user and might be not-understanding the Linux way”. I took break; I read some good articles on Linux. Few articles mentioned like “This Linux distribution is so easy that my grandma can use it…”I downloaded few Linux distributions (I would prefer not to mention their names here.) and tried installing one by one on my laptop. In almost all distributions, my first impression of Linux being faster operating system was gone. When I wanted to install new utility software (.rpm package) I had to learn command prompt options and finally ended up with error messages which tells one or the other supporting library is missing. Badly organized start menu always took more than required time to find out what I wanted. Too many small utilities fail to achieve user needs as a whole. Few distributions were good in few things.
My overall intention was to get faster Linux on my machi…

My Working Mood Meter

Recently I noticed, Kannada calendar hanging in my home is indirectly indicating my working moods in percentage. Here is what I found the exact information when I put imaginary lines on weekday letters. Don't you think everything tries to tell something to us and we just need those ‘eyes’ to observe?

Software Automatic Updates

Few software which periodically needs to be updated, usually comes with an in-built 'Automatic Update' feature. Windows Automatic Updates is one known example for an instance. For a person who is not a software techi, this is indeed a great facility, which does its work silently in the background with no manual intervention. Person like me do not like (sometimes hate) this feature and there is a strong reason behind it.

Automatic updates do not retain downloaded update files after applying it. Few months down the line when I format my machine and reinstall the software, Automatic update once again downloads all older update files along with new ones if there any. Time and resource consumption for older updates download is simply repetitive.

Automatic update facility in many software wont disclose download location and delete files after applying it. It could be great if we see an advanced option to specify download folder location or get to know where these files are downloaded,…

A Seriously Funny Poster

I could not stop laughing when one of my buddies manipulated my photo like this and showed me with the caption, "Find out which one is a fake poster!! Yes you are right!! The one in the Right side is 'faked' ;)"

My deep excuses to Scarface Movie Team and Al Pacino :)
Little bit about Scarface, He was a United States gangster who terrorized Chicago during prohibition until arrested for tax evasion (1899-1947). One thing my buddy understood very well in this was, If I get chance to act in movies, I will sure opt for a villein role like scarface, who will be the strongest, richest and most terrible person to the world atleast for 2 to 3 hours :))

Internet Data Usage Quick Check

I use broadband connection and my service provider has a dedicated portal to check my data usage. The data usage portal is not instant. It takes couple of hours to update my usage report. I wanted something through which I can quickly know how much data I downloaded in that instant of time.
One nice way I found that, checking the received packets count in windows network connection status. Which I can easily access clicking the network icon sitting in system tray.

The connection status window clearly shows number of packets sent and received over the connected network for tracked duration of time. In most of the cases, there will be 1460 bytes in one packet we receive or send. Now I can calculate how much of Mega Bytes of data my system has downloaded by doing a simple mathematics.

Downloaded data in MB = (Packets received * 1460) / (1024 * 1024)

In Windows Vista, the connection status window directly shows the number bytes sent and received, we no need to bother about bytes per packet st…

Office 2007 Compatibiility Pack

From past several months I was searching for office 2007 file format converters for older version of Microsoft Office applications (2000, XP, 2003). Till yesterday, I used to get specific individual converters (only for word, visio..) in Microsoft office site and now Microsoft has released office 2007 file format converters pack. A 27 MB (seems tiny for broadband users ;) file you have to download and enjoy editing 2007 file formats in your existing older office (2000,XP,2003) application(s).

You can download it here

In This World - 9

When we want to confess (and correct our mistake), chose the one who listen, forgive and helps to correct. The wrong person for our confession never miss the chance of discouraging and breaking us slowly without a single sign of forgiveness. If it happens then that would be the bigger mistake of all mistakes of our life.

Social Networking – My Step Back

I was one of the members in popular online social networking web place from past one year. I found many profiles expressing interest in “Business networking”. Whenever I initiated communication, most responses were very unprofessional. I reached many people from diverse profession. Our interaction started with lot of enthusiasm. Later people just didn’t like to have serious talk.

As far as keeping in touch with my buddies, I would prefer to drop a personal email. Along with the message I typed, it also carry the emotion of 'you are special to me my buddy, how are you?'

So, I am in a wrong place. May be, I am either not so social person or not understanding the online social networking etiquette. Anyways :)

Expectations and Life

When I was doing my graduation, I never imagined that I could get a best in industry job and career growth opportunities. How can a below average student can dare to expect such things? Everybody (my college mates and their parents) used to press more on getting high marks to become a successful engineer. I never took those opinions seriously, may be I was ready to take life as it comes. Though I had dreams, I was little dubious.

Now feeling amazed sitting in a luxurious suite of high class hotel in Minneapolis, USA and typing this post for my blog. As I talked about in my previous post (In This World - 8), my life did not gave me what I wished but it pushed me to the journey which I never guessed. Though I found and lost many great things, I am still living with joy and surprises. Sometimes I feel life is easy, but it is not as straight as it seems.

With little pleasure and slight startle, I am going to bed. Good night Minneapolis.

An Update

As you might have noticed I started working on plunking allied images to all my posts, one of the proven best practices of making piece of writing little more attractive. I take a crack at my best; If not my words at least colors should make you feel glad.

Windows XP SP3 – The Next Big Thing?

If you are expecting big things from windows XP SP3 and curiously waiting for it then its better you do a reality check. Hope my study in that direction would help you.

As we all know, Microsoft windows service packs are the one shot installation set which includes previously released all security updates, hot fixes, stability and performance updates and SP3 is such a package with a small number of enhancements which do not change the user experience but it fills the gap in the updates we might have missed by declining individual updates when using windows updates or during custom update installation.

One thing is pretty much clear that SP3 will not bring any outstanding changes or enhancements except adding one new feature that is Network Access Protection, borrowed from Windows Server 2008 Technology and the rest will be the updates/hot fixes/patches covering from the era of Windows XP SP1 and SP2.

The Windows XP SP3 Release Candidate is available for download. Microsoft cautioned this…

In The Edge of 2007 and 2008

31 December, 2007 midnight 12 is a closing edge of 2007 and instigation of 2008. As I remember, in the 2006-2007 edge, I was scratching my head to find out new name for my personal web site, (“WindsonSquare”) and was trying hard to register the domain with my dial-up internet connection at home in my native (Davangere). After many attempts, I wasn’t able to register it successfully due to very slow internet speed and frequent disconnection. At last when I looked at the wall clock it was scoring night 1 AM. I slip to bed. That’s it!This time (2007-2008), during the edge, many were celebrating New Year (as they do it every year I feel) with their friends, at night clubs, at hotels, parting, dancing, screaming, boozing, taking fast bike ride of calm night streets, my neighbor was doing pooja…

...what the hell I was doing? I caught cold so most of the time was busy cleaning my nose and sneezing, turning pages of my new washing machine user guide (delivered on that day evening). After that …