Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In The Edge of 2007 and 2008

31 December, 2007 midnight 12 is a closing edge of 2007 and instigation of 2008. As I remember, in the 2006-2007 edge, I was scratching my head to find out new name for my personal web site, (“WindsonSquare”) and was trying hard to register the domain with my dial-up internet connection at home in my native (Davangere). After many attempts, I wasn’t able to register it successfully due to very slow internet speed and frequent disconnection. At last when I looked at the wall clock it was scoring night 1 AM. I slip to bed. That’s it!

This time (2007-2008), during the edge, many were celebrating New Year (as they do it every year I feel) with their friends, at night clubs, at hotels, parting, dancing, screaming, boozing, taking fast bike ride of calm night streets, my neighbor was doing pooja…

...what the hell I was doing? I caught cold so most of the time was busy cleaning my nose and sneezing, turning pages of my new washing machine user guide (delivered on that day evening). After that I started evaluating Windows XP SP3 release candidate and I was in bed by 1 AM!

Next day morning (1 January, 2008) when I woke up at 6:42 AM and sight out side through the window, the new year morning was just as usual. The people were busy in their daily round, paper boy, milkman, morning tea shoppers, joggers, street dogs (Indeed, how does the New Year matter to street dogs?)… I walked to the kitchen and prepared my morning tea. After few minutes I entered my bedroom holding a cup of hot tea, opened the lid of laptop and started typing this post. It is 7:50 AM now.

For “the edge” moment, I never had a special feeling (But this time it was exception because of my new washing machine :). I had no distinctive reason for not feeling anything about the so called ‘amazing new year’ event. It was just another night 12 AM for me. Though I don’t celebrate it in the way most of us do, but I do make resolutions. I take whole January month to think, do a feasiblity study and finalize my resolutions. Whether I celebrate New Year or not I always consider this edge as a mark of incremental new age. This is the one scheduled moment/event where I (we?) think of (our?) my past days in that one year at least for few seconds.

Wish you happy and prosperous New Year.

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chenna said...

Wish you a very happy new year and wish to see some new things coming out of ur room more specific ur lab sooon..:)