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My Working Mood Meter

Recently I noticed, Kannada calendar hanging in my home is indirectly indicating my working moods in percentage. Here is what I found the exact information when I put imaginary lines on weekday letters. Don't you think everything tries to tell something to us and we just need those ‘eyes’ to observe?

Software Automatic Updates

Few software which periodically needs to be updated, usually comes with an in-built 'Automatic Update' feature. Windows Automatic Updates is one known example for an instance. For a person who is not a software techi, this is indeed a great facility, which does its work silently in the background with no manual intervention. Person like me do not like (sometimes hate) this feature and there is a strong reason behind it.

Automatic updates do not retain downloaded update files after applying it. Few months down the line when I format my machine and reinstall the software, Automatic update once again downloads all older update files along with new ones if there any. Time and resource consumption for older updates download is simply repetitive.

Automatic update facility in many software wont disclose download location and delete files after applying it. It could be great if we see an advanced option to specify download folder location or get to know where these files are downloaded,…

A Seriously Funny Poster

I could not stop laughing when one of my buddies manipulated my photo like this and showed me with the caption, "Find out which one is a fake poster!! Yes you are right!! The one in the Right side is 'faked' ;)"

My deep excuses to Scarface Movie Team and Al Pacino :)
Little bit about Scarface, He was a United States gangster who terrorized Chicago during prohibition until arrested for tax evasion (1899-1947). One thing my buddy understood very well in this was, If I get chance to act in movies, I will sure opt for a villein role like scarface, who will be the strongest, richest and most terrible person to the world atleast for 2 to 3 hours :))

Internet Data Usage Quick Check

I use broadband connection and my service provider has a dedicated portal to check my data usage. The data usage portal is not instant. It takes couple of hours to update my usage report. I wanted something through which I can quickly know how much data I downloaded in that instant of time.
One nice way I found that, checking the received packets count in windows network connection status. Which I can easily access clicking the network icon sitting in system tray.

The connection status window clearly shows number of packets sent and received over the connected network for tracked duration of time. In most of the cases, there will be 1460 bytes in one packet we receive or send. Now I can calculate how much of Mega Bytes of data my system has downloaded by doing a simple mathematics.

Downloaded data in MB = (Packets received * 1460) / (1024 * 1024)

In Windows Vista, the connection status window directly shows the number bytes sent and received, we no need to bother about bytes per packet st…

Office 2007 Compatibiility Pack

From past several months I was searching for office 2007 file format converters for older version of Microsoft Office applications (2000, XP, 2003). Till yesterday, I used to get specific individual converters (only for word, visio..) in Microsoft office site and now Microsoft has released office 2007 file format converters pack. A 27 MB (seems tiny for broadband users ;) file you have to download and enjoy editing 2007 file formats in your existing older office (2000,XP,2003) application(s).

You can download it here

In This World - 9

When we want to confess (and correct our mistake), chose the one who listen, forgive and helps to correct. The wrong person for our confession never miss the chance of discouraging and breaking us slowly without a single sign of forgiveness. If it happens then that would be the bigger mistake of all mistakes of our life.