Sunday, May 11, 2008

Linux - My Second Attempt

First time when I tried installing Linux on my box, I was failed to appraise it. I concluded that “I am typical ‘Windows’ user and might be not-understanding the Linux way”. I took break; I read some good articles on Linux. Few articles mentioned like “This Linux distribution is so easy that my grandma can use it…” I downloaded few Linux distributions (I would prefer not to mention their names here.) and tried installing one by one on my laptop. In almost all distributions, my first impression of Linux being faster operating system was gone. When I wanted to install new utility software (.rpm package) I had to learn command prompt options and finally ended up with error messages which tells one or the other supporting library is missing. Badly organized start menu always took more than required time to find out what I wanted. Too many small utilities fail to achieve user needs as a whole. Few distributions were good in few things.
My overall intention was to get faster Linux on my machine and install virtual machine to have windows in it to use on need basis. Linux just could not make it.
It is also true that I might not have done enough Linux exploration and some Linux guru can tweak and give me a Linux as I wished, but the question is, will a normal windows user consider Linux as a serious replacement? The hard truth is – NO. The first challenge for Linux is to make migration (Windows to Linux) process ever easer. The live example for this is FireFox browser. When FireFox was newly introduced it offered all features of Internet Explorer in its own way and in addition to that it gave outstanding new features. People never felt FireFox as an alien, instead they accepted it as a power tool. FireFox easily replaced Internet Explorer Icon in Taskbar. I found many Linux distributions trying to give feeling of Windows retaining Linux flavor but some how the “feeling” is effectively not touching the user. I used to say this when I was studying my bachelors “Linux has long way to cover to dominate 'Windows world'" and I would prefer to repeat the same even today.