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Software and Industry

When I wanted to re-create “Quick Quest” (QQ), my struggle to move further sometimes made me feel “I am thinking too much!!”. Recently, When I come across few statistics about execution of software projects in the industry from Grady Booch blog (“Software And Movie Making” posted on Thursday, June 12, 2008. you can also find his blog link from My Favorites section on this page.) I just felt my struggle was realistic to my scale and I am not alone. “Quick Quest” is not a big revenue making software for me now however it taught many things to me.

An extract from Grady’s post,
“75% of all software projects at Fortune 500 companies fail, 33% are cancelled, and 66% go over budget by more than 200%“

Well, Me and QQ belongs to 66% share which indicates variance of estimated budget by 200%. Where ‘budget’ for me here is my ‘time’, which is impossible to slow down or earn more :)

How Best Is To Revamp the Good Old Software?

Quick Quest - software created for college universities to generate ‘equally distributed complexity’ question papers. My college university attempted to utilize it and found it useful. This is an old story. The latest happening on this is, I am re-creating it with latest technology (.Net) putting the software architectural knowledge I have gained in several years being in this industry. If you are a person who is having more than 10 years of experience in software design, my step of software re-creation might not sound big for you. It turned out huge for me due to several reasons. When I had a plan to re-start on old successful software, I took opportunity to reach as many technical gurus as I can and asked them a most controversial question - “How good is to re-create good old software? Or should I extend the same old software with new features?”. Many had different thoughts but the common opinion was, extend the existing one instead going for whole new re-creation. When I sat and lo…