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Why Akbar was Great?

I have fanatical interest to be acquainted with what made Indian emperors take influential decisions during their reign. Few great kings’ valuable decisions created a remarkable history.

When Akbar accepts the marriage proposal of Hindu King (Bharmal of Amer), he wishes to make an attempt to set an example for two culture and religions and convey the message of peace. Later, destiny takes him to the critical path of life having most depraved political and family oriented problems. Being a true great emperor, Akbar learns and conclude challenges by demonstrating his exceptional leadership qualities. With his verdicts, Akbar stands as an incomparable king of all time. “Jodha Akbar” – brings 16th-century incidents to life and shows beginning part of Akbar’s married life which was, in fact, a deal for political gain. This decision slowly unleashes Akbar’s loving life, internal dreadful politics, painfully desirous people around him and betraying family members.

Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar is…

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 and A Thought

After 2 years, Microsoft's great effort of making Internext Explorer better than ever is resulted in second installment of IE8.0 Beta relese. Beta 2 IE8 looks promising with speed, security and usability. You can check IE8 top features here. After instaling IE8 on my laptop, very soon I noticed it breaking on Microsoft web sites!
Windows Update

Hotmail Linked Accounts drop down on mouse hover
Let me stop hoping on other sites like posts editor.All these may be absolutely okay because IE8 is in 'Beta', what's wondering me was these can be very easily caught during unit testing. In general, what I do not like about browsers (IE, FF, Opera, Safari....etc) is all are having differently acting HTML render engine. I certainly do not enjoy writing code to check the browser type and take relevant actions. I sometimes expect browser makers to give a thought on streamlining these differences and reduce web developer's pain. New version of their browser should be a …

10 Ways to Fine Tune Windows XP

Now a day, if your installed programs are running slower, if your Windows XP taking more time to boot, if your windows explorer is making you to wait longer before it shows up, then its time for you to wear a spy hat and do some serious investigation to catch out why Windows is shambling.

1. Check in memory processes. Hold CTRL+SHIFT and press ESC key, The Windows Task Manager will appear. Click on “Processes” tab. Sort entries on “Mem Usage” by pressing it. Find out which one is taking more memory. Usually ignore all ‘svchost.exe’ process because they are good candidates working solely for windows. Other process names should give clear hint about the application they belong to. Sometimes when you don’t get a clue, open Windows File or Folder Search, enter the same process name and find out its location. The folder structure will certainly help you know about its parent application. Depending on the importance of the application you can take appropriate action. You can turn off process …