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Why Akbar was Great?

I have fanatical interest to be acquainted with what made Indian emperors take influential decisions during their reign. Few great kings’ valuable decisions created a remarkable history.

When Akbar accepts the marriage proposal of Hindu King (Bharmal of Amer), he wishes to make an attempt to set an example for two culture and religions and convey the message of peace. Later, destiny takes him to the critical path of life having most depraved political and family oriented problems. Being a true great emperor, Akbar learns and conclude challenges by demonstrating his exceptional leadership qualities. With his verdicts, Akbar stands as an incomparable king of all time. “Jodha Akbar” – brings 16th-century incidents to life and shows beginning part of Akbar’s married life which was, in fact, a deal for political gain. This decision slowly unleashes Akbar’s loving life, internal dreadful politics, painfully desirous people around him and betraying family members.

Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar is one of such great kings of Hindustan (now India). Long back I read about him in few magazines and those words were blurred in my mind until I watch Ashutosh Gowarikar’s movie “Jodha Akbar”. The movie reveals Akbar’s initial days of married life. The movie made me start thinking and liking more about this great mogul emperor. Akbar’s religious innovations and policies towards the practice of unifying Hindu-Muslim were one of the greatest attempts in history.

Akbar’s life story always motivates to have new enthusiasm, encourage to do something special and evoke to become strong, stable and calm. His life is evident for confronting challenges by not only resolving them also striving to reach new heights.


Anonymous said…
You know that this is not true - Jodha Akbar is historical fiction. Infact there is no historical record of Akbar ever marrying a wife named "Jodha". He did marry an unnamed Rajput princess, and she did not have any position of influence in his court.
Thanks for reading my blog and posting comment.

You may be right. The film may be a historical fiction. Truth is, I am motivated from the instances portrayed in the movie and thats all for me :)
Anonymous said…
Though there is controversy on the name, about it waz who exactly known in the name "Jodha"...Historically it is true that Akbar had married the elder daughter of King Bharmal of Amer (jaipur),her real name waz Hira Kunwar also known as Harka Bhai,nd the mughal honoured her with the title Mariam Zamani (Mary of the age),it waz a title not name,and she had strong influence in his court too. she could issue official documents (singularly called farman), which was usually the exclusive privilege of the emperor.And the controversy is only on the name..not on the relation portrayed in the in one version the fiction is that she came to b known as jodha the another view is that it waz Princess Manmati of Jodhpur,Jodha's niece,who married her son Jahangir,came to b known as Jodha.And in the introduction itself the film clearly says about this controversy on name..and also.. the relation portrayed and icidents are historically there is no need of making such a bad impression about the film.
Anonymous said…
The movie really portraits that "Akbar the Great". Then the love between "JODHAA" and "AKBAR" was great to the extreme.After seeing this film i got more interest towards history.
Anonymous said…
this film was to nice i never seen like this type of such a cute love story,i was very intrested in our history bcz of jodha akbar film so beautyful film dont miss it
Anonymous said…
Now I am a Mughal history buff and I went to watch this movie expecting it to be a good one. But yeah, I was disappointed. The director portrayed Hirabai/Harkhabai (I refuse to identify her as Jodha) as the first and only wife of Akbar. Whereas, he had married Rukhayya Begum and Salima Sultana Begum much before he married the Rajput princess. Despite Rukhayya and Salima being childless and Hira being the mother of Salim, it were the former two wives who were Akbar's chief queens. They weren't even shown or mentioned in the movie. Even the Maham Anga, Adham Khan episode was messed up.
Anonymous said…
whatever it may be, as no one know the very true facts but the story is too interesting that it rose a n avid interest of medieval history in my mind.
Anonymous said…
I don't now how many inspired that dublicate romance story in real history never happened Akbar married to jodha political alliance not for love jodha like vest Queen I never scene I never readed because such like vest women she always things power hungry and she never cared is own son that's way jhangir got so many bad habits .Akbar only loved ruqaiya in life .ruqaiya is powerful Queen in Akbar range as well as jhangir range.jodha not have such power like ruqaiya and also jodha never changed Akbar life Akbar never cared jodha in real life only Akbar close to ruqaiya not for jodha .jodha got power because she give hair because she did same issued farmans Akbar give same authority to jodha and nothing more that. Ruqaiya all time she did issued farman because she moghul princess and also Akbar childhood friend and Babur granddaughter Akbar given to ruqaiya so much authority Akbar never given so much authority to jodha .jodha like heartless Queen I never saw I never readed .ruqaiya like sweet and loving Queen jodha never became in is life Serial and movie never became real history jodha always thinks about har and har family she never cared about her own son .Akbar great is great not serial or movie .I'm a historical teacher I now very well what is real history now so many people creating her own story now a days please read real history not boughs and dublicate stories and also don't give rabies comments

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