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MS Works for Windows 7.0!!

Windows Vista never ‘wow’ed me. Office 2003 installation did, when I was fiddling around MS office 2003 advanced installation options. I got to see 'Works for Windows 7.0'!!!

Did Microsoft have intuition about Windows 7 operating system in the year 2003? Before I think too wild, the description helped me to understand that 7.0 is the version of ‘Microsoft Works’ ;)

One Evening Rain

I was too far from my home by the time I realize that its gonna rain nicely now. Its 7 eve and it’s my routine walk time. Weather turned darker. When I turn around, I saw slight panic in people’s eyes. It started raining. Those who were walking started running, two wheelers stopped near shops or big trees for shelter. People in car were closing windows. Many were kind of worried about getting drenched.

It's getting everything wet including me. I am standing looking up at the sky. The rain drops are falling on my face and I shut my eyes. I am feeling cold. My heart is more lively and warm. I am flying free. Thunder and lightning didn’t change what I'm feeling. I kept my walk as usual and as simple as it can. Many were looking at me strangely, some with a question mark on their face and few with confusion. They all had one common question-“Are you mad? It’s raining!!”
I just laughed at it! I couldn’t stop walking in the rain and so my thinking. We became so much ‘civilized’ that…