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LINQ Quick Start

If you are a new bee to LINQ (Language Integrated Query), stunned by looking at big books and longer web pages on it, here is the relaxing news. Read “LINQ: The Future of Data Access in C# 3.0” by Joe Hummel. He presented LINQ in a simple and effective manner.

This book with 60 pages quickly give you pragmatic understanding of LINQ and push you to start using it in next hour. This is a good quick starter book in spades.

I personally prefer reading such quick start books to get glimpse of technology and later pick thicker book or detailed tech web links to dig deeper.


The saxophone playing in lavish and lazy mood on my home theater audio system. Half filled crystal clear mocktail glass is standing still on the table. It served me 12 times. Ice cubes in the container melting slowly. Few small pieces of pizza left out in the take-away box. Ceiling fan is blowing cool air. With aesthetic gratification, I am sleeping in my bed. Not fully slipped in dream world. My senses are still enjoying the atmosphere. My right leg big and second toe shaking unnoticeably. Laptop silently downloading recent updates and also scanning for Conficker warm which recently attracted much of attention all over the world. Television is in mute, “DOA: Dead or Alive” action was on. Washing machine is busy cleaning dirty cloths. My salary credit message is sitting unread in my mobile message inbox. The alarm is down counting to wake me up in next 2 minutes…
I felt I needed this lazy day after my busy project work schedule at office. I spent restless week. I am lying in my bed lik…

Why I Am Not Ready for IE8?

Microsoft’s free web browser Internet Explorer 8 is out for public use and it started appearing on windows update programs list as well. This time IE8 is offering a tight competition to its rivalry browsers by putting up noticeable features like accelerators, web slices, common color tab groups, security filters and better performance in comparison with its previous flavors.

It was impressive in the beginning when I started using IE8 with all its new features; on my aggressive usage below points came to notice.
Still few web sites are breaking Tabs are not responsive if one of the tabs is struggling Page rendering sometimes takes more processing time and Browser speed is not always fasterLet me admit, I got addicted to Firefox though it’s a memory hogging browser. But it just doesn’t toddle when I am doing too many things on it. IE8 is an obtrusive update for IE7/IE6 users. Users like me have slim to none chances to migrate to IE8 yet.