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"Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" is a neat pack of humor, adventure with be on the mind characters. The fun begins when alone, One-eyed, dino-hunting weasel called 'Buck', who is sophisticated yet not so complicated, agrees to find 'floppy green thing' with his set of rules and killing his life time enemy Rudy (T Rex Dino). After that there are many eye catching events and nice animation work.

In the end Buck kill Rudy and says "He is gone! What am I suppose to do now?". In that very moment, I see him losing excitement in life. Not so fascinatingly, he agrees to come to the world of Ice age. All of a sudden when  Rudy roars!! Buck finds reason to go back to his world and fight with Rudy all alone. 

Its been many weeks, Buck is still in my thoughts and there is no sign of him stopping his blabbering. His existence has no meaning if there is no Rudy. He only knows living for finding opportunity to defeat Rudy. That's his purpose and he is always o…

Opera Unite - Browser with New Possibilities

When Microsoft, Mozilla and Google are competing hard to increase browser share by tweaking their products, opera silently concentrated on innovation and sprung with neat free stuffs.
Opera’s new suite ‘Unite’ lead the way in defining how we can maximize our internet experience through its impressive capabilities.

This amazing software is not just a ‘browser’ loading web pages lightning fast with Turbo technology; it’s a web server in the browser, messenger, media/file/photo sharing host, a fridge (people can leave a message for you) and can be more in future!!!
If you are using FireFox, Chrome or Safari and you have set of strong technical reasons for why you are using it over Internet Explorer, then it’s time for you to checkout Opera Unite 10. From the technology point of view, your satisfaction is guaranteed.