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Getting ready for Paris trip?

I had wonderful experiences in Paris. Its a great place and you must visit at least once in a life time. I hope my below points would help to avoid some surprises during your Paris tour...
- Best way to visit Paris is using Metro. If you are planning to stay for few weeks, its worth to buy book of 10 metro tickets which will save you some euros.
- When you are walking on Champse-Elysee, you can have sandwiches from road side stalls. They are tasty and worth each penny.
- Most of the non-veg dishes are with Beef and Fish.

- Alcohol is cheap.

- At least try to greet people in French and they will try their best to assist you in English.

- Do not purchase Disneyland Paris tickets on its English version website when you are in Paris. Disney charge you as per UK (in GBP) rates, which is unnecessarily expensive, where as same kind of ticket can be found in French version of Disney website for 10 euro lesser the UK cost. Disney continue to make fun of you by expecting you to read and understand…