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Top 10 checks before buying question paper setting and generation software

When an educator start searching for question paper generation software, he/she will find plenty products claiming they are the best in automating paper setting and generation process. As the number of similar type of software is more, complexity to settle down to one product increases.

Let me put some helping points to simplify software selection process.  Software price tag is bit more expensive than your planned budget-but wait!Many of us feel that software price is fixed and not negotiable, In-fact, some companies do offer discounts if they are selling product under promotion period. so make sure you check with them regarding the discount. It's a customer right to negotiate, nothing bad about it!You checked features list, all competing software has all-most all features! Which one to pick for analysis?-Really, this is a puzzled situation. In that case, Look for the product screen shots or ask for a demo. Take a scenario, such as, how to compose a question paper pattern. Every so…