Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How it all happened? - The Real Story

Along with my nostalgia, In this post I take pleasure to talk about my college day pet project that helped solving a real-time problem, also a hearty gratitude to my real life Heros.

I studied Computer Science Bachelor degree in my home town Davangere and when I was studying, (not so long ago, but in the year 2003), my college (UBDT College of Engineering) university was putting huge effort in setting, generating and securing question papers for examinations.  

Every 6 months there are semester exams. At a time, students from 4 semesters (of one branch) has to attend it. Each semester had like 5 to 7 subjects, and there were 7 branches in my college, so university of our college had to prepare at-least 140 question papers! (4 sems X 5 subjects X 7 branches = 140) and another 140 in the 12th month (so per year at least 280 papers only for Engineering courses! and the  university was handling 57 other courses along the side!).  

Question paper setting for these examinations were happening through manual process!!! also the biggest risk university facing was securing question papers from exposures before exam date. The manual effort was huge and tedious. Some more details  here.

My respected Sir.Shreedhar (who guided me in all aspects of my learning during college days) gave me complete details of paper setting process and inspired me to build a software solution, that can store and manage questions-with-answer bank, allow setting any type of question paper format, generate question papers and secure from before exam exposure. 

The expected software solution should support network (LAN) environment, should run on any version of Microsoft Windows desktops.Also, the software had to address automating functional needs and as less possible training time. It took long time for me to study User Interface Principle for Windows 98/Me (OS at that time :). For networking I had to gain pragmatic understanding of RDBMS and Windows networking

After so many long readings, coding and testing, the software was ready. I installed on university (year 2003) computers and very soon university academic staff started building questions banks and prepared question papers.(in fact, during semester final exams, I had to answer question paper generated from my software! it was tough, damn! later we thought to introduce question complexity levels :)  One fine day I got this official thank you letter: from university and that day, It was one of the happiest moments in my life!

'Quick Quest' emerged!
Going forward, many other institutions in India and abroad found this software very useful and started using. 
Not just that, when I was about to finish my 8th semester exams, got job offer from Starmark to work as Associate Software Engineer. The Vice President of Starmark, Arun Tumati used to visit our college to motivate and train students from technical and soft-skills and during his visit Shreedhar sir suggested me to demonstrate 'Quick Quest'
Today, after 8 years, the same 'Quick Quest' is helping me to start my own company. 

I just can't thank enough to Sir.Shreedhar and Arun Tumati. They are my continuous (on and off the scene) motivators and mentors. My professional existence wouldn't have happened like today if I had not met Sir.Shreedhar and Arun Tumati.

Unlike every man, I have two men behind all my success ;) [women, please excuse me!]


Sachin Joshi said...

Really great achievement at that age...!!! Really appreciable...:-) All the best for your future..

Pavan Gayakwad | SrushtiSoft said...

Thanks Sachin!

param said...

Great job Pavan. It is always nice to see your passionate pet project lead to your full time job :) All the best.

Pavan Gayakwad | SrushtiSoft said...

Thanks Param!

JP said...

The good and appreciable stuff is your commitment you had in developing this product between your regular work loads. I am sure that you have compromised a lot to get this to this level.

I wish you a good success to the product and you to be successful in your entrepreneurial journey.


Pavan Gayakwad | SrushtiSoft said...

Thanks JP!

Ashish Shandilya said...

Thanks for sharing this useful info. Keep updating same way.
Regards,Ashish Soft Skills Training