Thursday, February 09, 2012

Is your Facebook account secured?

In our day-to-day social networking activities, we sometimes hear people saying about their Facebook account was compromised or hijacked.

Along with our common measures (having complex password, not clicking alien links..etc) to protect ourselves, I am sure, there is one more thing, which may be overlooked (at-least I did it :). Let me share that here.

1. Login to your facebook account. (I guess, you are already, if you have got this article link from Facebook :) 

2. Go to your 'Account Settings'

3. ..and then go to 'Apps' section situated in lefts-side menu bar,

Ideally, any secured Facebook account "App Settings" page should not list many many application entries. If so, you are royally welcoming the malicious service provider to screw your account :) 

So hurry up and remove those apps which you are not using and unknown to you and stay safe! Please keep in mind that some applications (like TweetDeck..etc) you might have allowed them to access intentionally. 

Did you see many unknown apps in your Facebook App Settings? Comment and share your thoughts here!

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