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Installing MySQL on Windows using a noninstall zip archive

At-least for me, configuring MySQL zip archive on server by reading MySQL team's unfriendly, multi-navigational document has been quite a challenging task.

Here is my simplified version:
Download mysql noninstall zip from here: do C:\mysql folderUnder c:\mysql folder you will find my-default.ini file, make a copy of it and rename it to my.iniOpen my.ini in notepad, You will find basedir and datadir as commented statements, just uncomment them (by removing # from the starting position of each line) and do the changes shown belowbasedir = c:\\mysql #installatin directorydatadir = c:\\data   #data directory, it can be in some other drive too!Open cmd.exe as administrator and type below commands one after the otherGo to bin folder where mysqld.exe file is presentcd c:\mysql\binBelow command will initialize the data directory, by reading my.ini file (in our case its in c:\mysql folder)mysqld --initializeInstall mysql as background running se…