Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How Much Computerised We Are?

There were couples of incidents provoked me to ignite thoughts on computerized systems and their involvement in our professional life. In past several years, many organizations racing hard to transform their business into automated system(s) but the question is "How much we succeeded?"

Recently I visited a popular bank, requesting to issue my account duplicate statement hard copy with authorized signatory. The lady told me that it will take 2 hours to get it!! I was surprisingly looking at her and politely tried to mention that it’s a computerized process should not take more than 5 minutes. She sharply looked at me and said “Though it’s a computerized process, it will take time; it’s not that easy as you are assuming”

I emailed a letter to the popular newspaper editor pointing out the mistake done in the news coverage. I got no response from him. If his answer would be “I get too many such mails daily and can not respond to everyone…” my immediate response will be “Resign and step down from the position. You are just not doing your job.” We have email filters to sort those out and automated responders to make your job easy. No reasons please.

It will be too much if I expect all offices to become computerized and start executing their work in few minutes with high precision response and time, because I see most of the software companies (MNCs are not exceptions) itself lagging from this transformation.

I feel most of the time it’s not about the technology or the kind of solution/comfort what it offers, it’s more with people’s mentality whether they want to adopt it or not. There are very less chances of technology aggressively dominating offices (popularly known as “Paperless Office”) at least for next 10 to 20 years!

Well, now thinking about Online Office might be too early to deal with.

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