Monday, February 25, 2008

Software Automatic Updates

Few software which periodically needs to be updated, usually comes with an in-built 'Automatic Update' feature. Windows Automatic Updates is one known example for an instance. For a person who is not a software techi, this is indeed a great facility, which does its work silently in the background with no manual intervention. Person like me do not like (sometimes hate) this feature and there is a strong reason behind it.

Automatic updates do not retain downloaded update files after applying it. Few months down the line when I format my machine and reinstall the software, Automatic update once again downloads all older update files along with new ones if there any. Time and resource consumption for older updates download is simply repetitive.

Automatic update facility in many software wont disclose download location and delete files after applying it. It could be great if we see an advanced option to specify download folder location or get to know where these files are downloaded, we could re-use downloaded update files next time when we reinstall their software.

Don't you think this is a valid reason for me to hate automatic updates?

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