Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It all starts from here

I own a website www.srushtisoft.com, which is an ad-board for my offline works. Right now the site talks over my 3 products (Quick Quest, Flexo and CD Indexer). It tries to give you an impression of big team behind it and commercial availability which may not be completely real but can not be neglected.

SrushtiSoft showcases all my works, gives a shape of ‘product’ by identifying its respective domain. These may not be full fledged solutions but surely addresses basic needs.

It all starts from here. The basic intention of restarting my blog is to share, collate wonderful experiences, worth full-worthless thoughts and many useful-useless actions during my offline work. Most of the time you will find tech talks here and no wonder if you start looking at me as a tech-alien.

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