Thursday, August 16, 2007

Microsoft Idea

Microsoft is releasing bunch of new and refined products almost every three months. When I analyzed Microsoft’s way of taking technological progress parallel to commercial trends and future (5 to 10 years down the line) requirements, it clearly shows Microsoft’s idea of “Windows Live Connected World”. The story starts from deep integration of Internet Explorer and Media Player with windows to recent Windows Home Server and SkyDrive online service releases. Hotmail is getting complete new shape as “Windows Live Hotmail” and many impressive, free (to some extent :) web 2.0 services under “Windows Live” branding like Office live, free web hosting, online system scanning (one live care), live search, live space, MS Write, 3D maps (virtual earth), popfly …list is growing. Whatever is possible in virtual world to create our presence or avail service from it is constantly identified by Microsoft and suitable projects are kicked off. Microsoft making revolutionary movements in its dot net framework proposing as its primary, shrill performing, long lasting technology with amazing fore thoughts (Silverlight, Surface, Dot net 3.5, Dynamics, Microsoft Robotics, CardSpace, Workflow and there may be many more).
The new Windows Home Server operating system allows connecting your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile (with Windows CE of course :), XBOX, Zune, your private website, your private documents secured in skydrive. Moving further it may be your TV (or Windows Media Center), Washing Machine…etc. You can access information or device anywhere and everywhere. We all seeing only bits and pieces today, one fine day everything gets integrated and become big private automated networked system. The day is no farther when whole world sits in your palm and you just can access and perform whatever you want much before changing your thoughts! At last the end user gets benefited.

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