Monday, January 21, 2008

Expectations and Life

When I was doing my graduation, I never imagined that I could get a best in industry job and career growth opportunities. How can a below average student can dare to expect such things? Everybody (my college mates and their parents) used to press more on getting high marks to become a successful engineer. I never took those opinions seriously, may be I was ready to take life as it comes. Though I had dreams, I was little dubious.

Now feeling amazed sitting in a luxurious suite of high class hotel in Minneapolis, USA and typing this post for my blog. As I talked about in my previous post (In This World - 8), my life did not gave me what I wished but it pushed me to the journey which I never guessed. Though I found and lost many great things, I am still living with joy and surprises. Sometimes I feel life is easy, but it is not as straight as it seems.

With little pleasure and slight startle, I am going to bed. Good night Minneapolis.


akash_05 said...

In B.E, i always found you as unique person. you were not like others who used to copy the project source code and show it in project demo. Your hard work, dedication made you what you are now. You are pretty inspiring guy.

Do you remember, on final day of college you told, why do we always like to work for other company, why can't we start our own firm.

Your such words always motivated me, it has made me to be what i am. I always thought i should be strong technically like you were in VB, if not in VB atleast in any other programming and i found way in PHP.

Pavan Gayakwad | SrushtiSoft said...

Glad to hear it and Thanks for expressing your thoughts. I am happy and proud that one of my buddies is a owner of his own firm. Precisely, you have not 'found' the way through PHP, you 'made your own way' and Indeed! you are one step ahead of me today :)
My heartfelt best wishes to you buddy.