Saturday, January 26, 2008

Social Networking – My Step Back

I was one of the members in popular online social networking web place from past one year. I found many profiles expressing interest in “Business networking”. Whenever I initiated communication, most responses were very unprofessional. I reached many people from diverse profession. Our interaction started with lot of enthusiasm. Later people just didn’t like to have serious talk.

As far as keeping in touch with my buddies, I would prefer to drop a personal email. Along with the message I typed, it also carry the emotion of 'you are special to me my buddy, how are you?'

So, I am in a wrong place. May be, I am either not so social person or not understanding the online social networking etiquette. Anyways :)


Ganesh H S said...

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Pavan Gayakwad | SrushtiSoft said...

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